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What Is The Best Flour to Use In a Bread Machine?


Using your new bread machine doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few trial-runs, you’ll soon be turning out fragrant baked bread like a pro. Take notes on what does and doesn’t work for you. If you’re in a humid area, allow for this because it can affect the dough’s consistency. Be creative and experiment. Your family will reap the benefits of your labor. Start today with these flour tips:

Bread Machine Flour - Specially designed for bread machines, this flour easily tolerates the mixing techniques. Composed of hard wheat, the gluten content is more dense, and it has more protein. This feature alone gives a finished bread that has good volume and texture. Gluten makes the bread chewier, and it adds a more elastic texture.

All-Purpose Flour - You may easily substitute any all-purpose, less gluten flour in your machine. All-purpose flour is often less costly and may even be easier to find in your location. Substitution is fine.

Organic Flour - This wheat is free of chemicals. Non-organic grains may be sprayed with chemicals before harvest to increase the yield and dry the wheat more efficiently. You wouldn’t knowingly feed your children chemicals, so choose organic brands and stay healthy.

Bleached or Unbleached Flour - If you just pick up any old bag of flour when you shop, then your bread-baking results may cause you to take a second look at your choices. Your family will be eating a lot of your customized breads, so it’s up to you to make healthy decisions. Your best choice will always be unbleached brands.

Unbleached flour ages naturally without the aid of chemicals. It has a creamier color and is used by many bakers and home economists. Bleached flour goes through an aging process, which whitens the flour and lowers the protein content. Chemicals are used in this process. Bleached flour may make a whiter and softer angel-food cake, but it would never be noticed in cookies or other flour products.

Buckwheat, Seeds and Herbs for Variety - The first time you offer a toasty-brown, multi-grain concoction your family will be thrilled. To your modified recipe, add some heart-healthy oats, cornmeal, buckwheat and whole wheat flour. Another time, go crazy with poppy and sunflower seeds. Try an herb selection with parsley, sage and oregano. Your bread machine can make you the wizard of your kitchen. It’s time to treat your family like royalty.

Now that you know more about the many types of flours for your bread machine, it’s time to get started baking some healthy bread for the whole family. Whatever works for you is the best flour for you. If it’s all-purpose flour, then stock up and be prepared for any baking celebration. If it’s your favorite bread flour, then buy in quantity and freeze some of it to keep it fresh. You are the chef, and the kitchen is your domain. So, it’s time for you to get started today and display your home-bakery genius.

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