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Bread Machine Flour: All-Purpose or Bread Flour?


Bread machines will accept any sort of flour you use in your batter. The machine makes quick work of the batter to create a loaf of bread that will rise into the shape of the tin inside the machine, but the batter you use changes the way in which the bread rises. Bread flour and all-purpose flour are both acceptable choices for your bread escapades, and you must choose the proper medium for creating your bread.

Bread Flour

Bread flour is a much denser flour that is used in most bread recipes to allow the bread to have body once it is baked. The breads you make with bread flour could turn out gummy or heavy if you have not completed the recipe properly, but you have much more leeway when you create your bread. Breads that are made using bread flour leave more room for other ingredients that will not overwhelm the flavor of the bread.

You must be careful when using bread flour to not mix the flour too much before inserting the batter into the machine. Dough that has been mixed too much using bread flour will harden almost instantly, and you may see heavy patches that make the bread difficult to eat.

All-Purpose Flour

All-purpose flour is a lighter form of flour that you can use for any baking application. All-purpose flour is not as dense as bread flour, and you must determine how to incorporate all-purpose flour into your recipes before you begin baking. Recipes that call for bread flour may use all-purpose flour, but you must properly convert the volumes of flour for the recipe. You will need a bit more all-purpose flour when you begin baking.

All-purpose flour will create much lighter breads that are designed to have some air in them. You will get a lighter color in your bread, and you will be able to see the other ingredients you have added. Use all-purpose flour when you are adding herbs to your bread, and ensure that you have used all-purpose flour when you know that you must create an airy bread.

The Daunting Choice - All-Purpose or Bread Flour?

Baking bread in your bread machine (if you don't have one, check out our reviews) is a balancing act between the batter and the time you remove the bread from the machine. Using bread flour over all-purpose flour could cause your baking times to change. Your bread machine has its own recipe that comes with the device. You must alter the recipe the device uses to ensure you are baking the bread for the proper amount of time. Careful conversions must be made when you change to all-purpose flour, and you must babysit the bread to make certain it does not burn.

Choosing your baking flour is a tough decision between the flour used in most other baking recipes and the flour used only for bread. Flour used only for bread provides a dense texture that will help the bread stand on its own, and bread flour is likely listed in the ingredients for your bread machine’s recipe . Making the change to all-purpose flour is a wise one if you want to create light and airy breads, but you must understand what the change of flour means for your machine. Converting the volume of flour for all-purpose flour is the only way to ensure it will work properly.

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