How Bread Machines Work


Bread machines seem like innocuous devices that magically turn out loaves of bread after you put in a bit of dough, but bread machines are complex devices that create bread in the standard manner. You are adding the ingredients to the machine on your own, but you are trusting the machine to follow a traditional process to create your bread. Read further to learn how the bread machine is put together, creates your dough and bakes your bread.

#1: The Inner Tank

The tank inside your bread machine is a metal casing that hold a small paddle. The heating unit for bread machine is located just behind the casing, and the exterior of the bread machine has a few simple buttons to control the device. You have everything you need to make bread in one small package. The dough is mixed, the dough rises in the casing and the bread baked from the inside out.

#2: The Paddle

The paddle inside the machine may seen completely trivial, but it does the majority of the work during the baking process. The paddle sits among the ingredients you add for the bread, and the paddle slowly mixes the ingredients during the baking process. Do not think the paddle is too small.

The paddle will turn at prescribed times to mix the dough, and the machine knows just how long the dough must be mixed before baking begins. You do not decide how long the dough will mix, but you will get a perfect dough every time you add ingredients.

The paddle is left inside the machine during the rising and baking process, but it can be easily removed when the baking is over. You will have a small hold in the bottom of your loaf, but the paddle slides out of this hole quickly. You replace the paddle, and you may begin baking a new loaf of bread. The bread machine can go on indefinitely because it is designed to cool quickly after your first loaf is baked.

#3: Rising

Your breads must be allowed to rise, and the bread machine stops the process for a prescribed rise time. Each bread recipe you use has a rise time, and the machine will stop mixing long enough for the bread to rise. You need not check on the bread because the rise time is programmed in the machine. You can watch the bread rise, but the bread will begin to bake when it is time. You simply trust the machine to switch on at the right time.

#5: Baking

The bread machine you purchase may have but one buttons for baking, and the machine will bake the bread at a standard temperature. You may invest more money in an advanced machine that has many different settings, but you must adapt those settings to the breads you want to make. Choose the setting carefully for your bread before beginning, and ensure that you used a recipe that coincides with the recipes in your user manual.

#6: No Wait Times

You need not wait for your bread to finish. Your bread will sit safely in the bread machine casing when it is finished, and you may let the machine run while you perform other tasks. Bakers who need to leave their oven free for other tasks that must be completed.

You may start your breach machine when you leave the house to run errands in the morning, and you will return home to find the kitchen smelling of freshly basked bread. You may complete this process every day if you want fresh bread, and you will learn quickly that you can stop buying bread at the store. You are cutting back on your grocery budget somewhat, and you are getting the bread fresh out of the machine.

#5: Speed

Most bread machines can complete the baking process in two hours or less. They do not need you for anything other than the ingredients, and you may use those two hours to do other things around the house. The traditional baker must stand over their ingredients for much of the process to get good results, but a bread machine does the same things with no help from you at all.

You must try out a bread machine when you want to have fresh bread in the house. The machine makes quick work of your ingredients, and you do not lift a finger. You can remove the warm bread from the machine, and you may start a new loaf as soon as you like.

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