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What Are Ice Cream Balls?


Hey, ice cream fans, are you looking for a new & fun way to enjoy making ice cream? We’ve got to tell you about ice cream balls. These balls are truly…a ball! This is a play and freeze ice cream maker that is perfect for using with kids or the entire family. What the hand crank ice cream maker was to our grandparents generation – this new-fangled ball gadget is to ours!

Ice cream balls are simple to use. Best of all, it encourages your kids and family to be active before enjoying a sweet treat!

You start by filling the inside of the round sphere with ice and a bit of rock salt. There is a cylinder which you put your ice cream mixture in whatever flavor you’ve decided to make. Then seal the cylinder and the sphere. Take it outside to play!

Toss the ball for a game of catch, roll it on the floor or even dance around, shaking the ice cream sphere. Do this for about 10 minutes. This can be pretty fun and silly as everyone gives it a try. Take it back inside and then give the mixture a stir. Then go back outside for another 5 to 10 minutes for active play to toss the ball a bit more.

Once you’re done having a fun time, it’s time for a snack. Do you know what you can serve for snack? That’s right: ice cream!

The ice cream ball maker is a crowd pleaser for sure because it is fun and takes very little time to make ice cream. It works on the traditional ice and rock salt ingredients that we ice cream fans remember from the hand crank machines, but is not quite as much hard work as those can be.

Who Are These Ice Cream Balls Perfect For?

  • Families with young children
  • Daycare centers
  • Teachers
  • Kids and adults who like science experiments
  • Families who want to encourage active play

One of the best things about this gadget is that everyone – from small to big can help prepare it, adding the ice, salt and ice cream mixture and sealing it up. Going outside to play is fun and participation is important. Children know that by jumping around or tossing the ball back and forth they are helping to create the sweet frosty treat they will enjoy later. Choosing this ice cream maker encourages active play and is also especially ideal for little ones who may find the hand crank machine too tough for them, particularly when it gets tighter and tighter towards the end.

This can be a fun way to encourage your kids to be more active and rewarding them with a sweet, properly proportioned treat that you have custom created. You can make ice cream with fruit and other healthy ingredients that are Mom & parent approved instead of processed foods from grocery or convenience stores. It may also make your kids curious about how other types of foods are created and is a good Segway into helping Mom prepare other healthy meals in the kitchen, as is age appropriate.

The play and freeze ice cream maker also makes a fun gift for college students who would enjoy a homemade treat and may not have the time or ability to cook as often as they would like. The uniqueness of this makes it fun. Shaking and playing with it makes it super social, something they can do with friends. Sharing homemade ice cream is a special treat that not every college student they know will have to offer friends, making them popular in their dorm, they might make new friends simply by sharing a dish of ice cream or showing how this is made.

One of the top benefits we love about the ice cream ball maker is just how quickly it makes ice cream. In about half an hour or less, you have a sweet frosty treat to enjoy. This is not like many traditional gadgets and methods where you must freeze overnight and then pour it into the machine. Whether you have little ones that will be super excited to be able to make the ice cream today & right now or you are having friends over for a meal and want to be able to serve ice cream, there are many benefits to this convenience.

This technology is new and exciting. We are watching to see if it will be introduced into other models and types of ice cream machines. The ability to instantly make ice cream would be ideal, especially for today’s busy families and working individuals.

So go ahead, give it a try. Play a game of catch or do a dance. Before long you’ll have ice cream to enjoy!

Bonus! A few ice cream gadgets we recommend:

YayLabs Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker

Manufacturer: UCO

One of the things we love about this gadget is that it comes in so many colors – from blue, green, turquoise, red, pink, purple and orange. So it is easy to give it as a gift in a favorite color or to match your kitchen’s decor.

The gadget comes with a recipe list so you can get started right away making homemade ice cream. It is 9″ round and made from polycarbonate. It uses rock salt and ice. Makes about a pint of ice cream.

YayLabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

Manufacturer: YayLabs!

You’ll appreciate that this ball has soft sides, perfect to toss for a gentle game of catch while making the ice cream. It takes about 25 minutes to create the ice cream. Add ice and rock salt on one side of the sphere and the ice cream mixture on the other side. It is dishwasher and BPA safe. You’ll also be pleased to know this comes in both pint and quart sizes, so if you have a larger family you can choose the bigger sizes sphere. It has a 1 year warrantee.

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