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How to Make Jam in a Bread Machine


If you have a bread machine (or are thinking of buying one), then you have a jam maker. Every bread machine comes with a pre-installed feature that helps you make jam with the press of a button. The heat and mixer inside do all of the work for you, so you can just enjoy the rewards. You can have jam in as little as an hour with these steps.

Why make Jam in a bread machine?

Traditionally, making jam meant making a huge mess in the kitchen. You would need at least a bowl for mixing, cooking, and stirring. When you use the bread machine, you mix everything in the same bowl that you cook in, so there's not even a stirring utensil to wash. Making jam in the bread machine also means that their is little effort involved on your part. You just stick the ingredients in the bread machine and let it go.

Gather your supplies

You will only need a few supplies for your jam, and you probably already have some of them in your cabinet.

Glass jars: You should have a set of sterilized, glass jars ready before you begin the process. Mason jars work well, but any glass bottle will do.
Fruit: If you know what kind of jam you are making and what you want, you should have plenty washed and ready to go into your jam.
Sugar: You should have an equal quantity of sugar to fruit, so if you have a cup of fruit, then use a cup of sugar. You can always adjust the sugar by your preferred sweetness.
Pectin: You can find pectin in the grocery store near the canning supplies, and it's usually no more than a few cents. Use the directions on the back of the box to determine how much you need to add.

Set your bread machine up

Your bread machine should have a jam setting that is indicated by a jar or the words JAM. There should be little setup involved in this process, so just make sure your bread machine is plugged in and place your ingredients into the machine, and press the jam setting. Your mixture should go for about an hour before it's ready to go.

Sterilize your jars

To keep your food fresh, you need to make sure your glass jars are sterilized from any bacteria. This can be done simply by boiling them in hot water for five to ten minutes. Be careful when handling the glass jars, and always use oven mitts to help you. Don't forget to sterilize the lids as well.

Can your jam

Your jam should be ready to jar within a few minutes of it being done. Use a funnel to aid you if you need it, and remember to use protection. Your jam should be ready to store for a very long time. Share with your friends and family if you have extra.

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