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Do You Need a Professional Ice Cream Maker?


There has never been a better time in history to be a “foodie” of any type.

It used to be that is you were passionate about food and wanted access to high quality, professional grade equipment and materials for your kitchen you would need to either a) work in the restaurant/cooking business or b) know someone personally who was, so you had some type of an “in” to get what you were craving. But today’s home cooks have the ability to get professional items literally at the blink of an eye. So you can have a professional ice cream maker if you so desire. But our question goes much deeper than this: do you need one?

Start by taking our self-quiz and then read the rest of this article to learn if a pro machine is the best choice for you:

#1. How long have you been making homemade ice cream?

  1. I’m new to making ice cream.
  2. I’ve tried it a couple of times.
  3. Made ice cream for about six months.
  4. I’ve made ice cream for more than a year.

#2. Choose a statement that describes your attitude in the kitchen

  1. I pick up a recipe book and follow the recipe all the way through.
  2. I cook the basics and not much else
  3. If I don’t know how to make something, I don’t mind experimenting – and then eating the results.
  4. There’s nothing I wouldn’t try in the kitchen!

#3. What’s the best flavor of ice cream you’ve made?

  1. Haven’t tried it yet, have a couple of recipes picked out.
  2. Vanilla ice cream.
  3. Peach ice cream from fresh fruit we picked.
  4. Wasabi ice cream I made on a dare – it was delicious!

Now with our quiz there are no right or wrong answers, but it may give you a sense of your experience and comfort with experimentation. Most who make homemade ice cream like to concoct flavors and want to try unique ice creams they see. If your answers were more c’s and d’s, then probably you have a stronger excitement about the thought of a professional level machine at this time. But if your answers are more a’s and b’s, perhaps there is more for you to learn about how you like to make ice cream – before investing in a high grade machine.

So Who Buys a Professional Ice Cream Maker?

  • Early adopter gadget lovers
  • High tech kitchen fans
  • People who adore socializing & entertaining
  • Ice cream fans who want the highest quality machine
  • People who simply must have “the best” of everything

As you can see, this fantastic machine doesn’t just appeal to ice cream fans but also those who love gadgets or want a kitchen that has that terrific “show off” type of appeal. Does it surprise you that some of the people who are choosing it don’t actually love ice cream as much as you do?

What Are Some of the Benefits of a Professional Machine?

  • Less messy – Some ice cream fans love the hand crank machine with the ice and salt. This is not the experience you’ll have with a pro machine! You can expect a polished and efficient ice cream making method each and every time you use it. It was not created for “family fun” or making ice cream as an entertaining activity. This machine was created for restaurants or bistros who make homemade ice cream to indulge their hungry customers, so it must be made quickly and regularly so no one is waiting too long.
  • Whisper quiet – This is one of the biggest compliments you’ll regularly hear about the pro machines. Some of the everyday ice cream machines can make a bit of noise. If you have a sleeping baby, then you realize your time for making ice cream is over for the day. But with a pro machine, you still have the opportunity.
  • More durable – As we’ve mentioned, these pro machines were originally created for restaurants and bistros who custom create ice cream to serve to guests. So you can feel comfortable knowing you’ve chosen a machine that will stand up to regular use and is durable. Fewer quirks and worries.
  • A machine built to last – We know there are some top-notch everyday ice cream machines out there. But anyone over 30 will tell you that most of today’s gadgets are simply not build the way they used to be, that it is expected that you will just toss them out when they don’t work and get a new one. Few people repair things anymore! But with a professional grade machine, you can feel confident this one will be around for quite some time. That’s something you can’t say about every gadget – in just about any category we could think about.

Why Should I Pick a Professional Ice Cream Maker?

Now this is actually simpler than one might think. Let’s talk about some of the reasons you might want one:

A love of making ice cream – If you’ve been bitten by the “ice cream bug” then you know that you simply love doing this. It’s become an enthusiastic hobby. So why not get a machine that helps you to become the very best ice cream maker you can be?

You want to make ice cream regularly – One of the things lots of home cooks who start to make homemade ice cream discover is that they stop buying it in the grocery store entirely. It’s super easy to whip up a batch whenever you want it. So if you want to make it once or several times a week, it’s very understandable you would want to support this desire by choosing a professional grade machine.

It’s important to have the very best machine for your needs – Many notice when they start a hobby that they become more skilled at that they want new tools to help them advance their skills. Getting a pro machine may be part of that journey for you. It may give you an extra boost of confidence in your ice cream making skills and also assist you, knowing that you are making homemade ice cream with the “best of the best” type of machine there is. If this hobby is your passion, then this can be an important step to take.

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