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Breadman BK1050S Bread Machine Review

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It seems that more and more people are becoming disillusioned with the standard white sliced, store bought loaf of bread. It is, if we are honest, pretty bland and tasteless. Instead we are choosing to pay a little extra to enjoy the flavors, textures and wide variety of artisan bread. For many the only way that they can enjoy ‘real’ bread is to make it themselves at home. The easiest, and least time consuming, way to do this is to use a breadmaker. Not only does this provide labor saving convenience, it also means that even a novice bread maker can make high quality loaves of bread. As such the sale of bread making appliances is expanding greatly.

It seems that one of the main ways that manufacturers believe that they can attain a greater market share is to keep adding additional features. Breadman with the BK1050S (see today's price) have gone all out to add various extras to this bread maker. Some are more useful than others. The Breadman BK1050S can bake a 1 lb., a 1 ½ lb. or a 2 lb. loaf of various styles of bread, most of which can be made with a choice of crust shade. It has a setting that allows it to make gluten-free bread as well as being able to make dough and jam. There is a delay timer, of 15 hours in this case, and an automatic switchover to the keep warm function when the bread has finished baking. The Breadman BK1050S also has an automatic fruit and nut dispenser. This is a very useful as it allows you to have fruit and nut loaves of bread made without you needing to be there to add them in mid-cycle. This means that even when using the delay you can have extras added to your loaf.


It may well be a case of form follows function but the Breadman BK1050S is very similar is style and layout to many other 2 lb. capacity bread makers. It measures 17 inches x 12 inches x 16 inches and weighs 10 lbs. (without any ingredients). It has a familiar stainless steel finish. It can bake a loaf of either 1 lb., 1 ½ lb. or 2 lbs. (which equate to medium, large and extra-large loaf sizes). The standard loaves can have a choice of a light, medium or dark crust. There are, in total, 14 menu settings;

  • White
  • White Rapid
  • Whole Wheat
  • Whole Wheat Rapid
  • French
  • French Rapid
  • Sweet
  • Quick Bread
  • Low Carb
  • Gluten Free
  • Dough
  • Artisan Dough
  • Jam
  • Bake Only

The rapid settings are used with rapid rise yeast and reduce the time taken to make the loaf by about 1 hour. This should not be confused with Quick Bread which uses baking soda or powder as the raising medium and does not need a rise time. The difference between standard dough and artisan dough is the way the dough risen. With artisan dough the temperature is lowered and the rinsing time increased. This improves the texture of the dough and the finished bread. Artisan dough can take over 5 hours to make.

The dough and artisan dough programs are intended for where you want to shape the dough to your requirements, such as for bread rolls, bagels or pizza for example, and bake them in a conventional oven.

One of the additional features, that only a few bread makers have, is the automatic fruit and nut dispenser. This is a really useful feature if you like to add fruit, nuts or grated cheese to your bread. Normally breadmakers sound a small alarm and then pause their cycle to allow you to manually add the additional ingredients. This means that you have to be near the bread maker during the dough cycle if you want these in your bread. The automatic dispenser means that even if you use the delay setting you can still have your fruit, nuts or grated cheese added to your bread.

Breadman 2 lb Professional Bread Maker, Stainless Steel, BK1050S
426 Reviews
Breadman 2 lb Professional Bread Maker, Stainless Steel, BK1050S
  • Collapsible Kneading Paddle - The smartly designed kneading paddle collapses before baking to prevent holes in the bottom of loaves
  • Perfect Bake Technology - Engineered to bake evenly for a uniform crust color, consistent texture, and excellent flavor
  • Measuring Cup and Spoon Included. Wattage(Watts): 850
  • 14 Baking Functions - Simply select the type of bread you wish to make and how light or dark you want it. This machine includes controls for...

A commonly voiced point raised about bread makers is that you either have to take the mixing paddle out of the baking tin before the baking phase, or have the mixing paddle baked into the loaf and remove it after. The Breadman BK1050S has a collapsing mixing paddle. This means that there is no need to remove it prior to the bread being baked. You do end up with a small indentation, shaped like the mixing paddle, in the base of the loaf though. This seems a practical solution to a perennial minor complaint but it seems that there are a few hiccups with the system. Many users have commented that the paddle has caused scratching on the base of the baking tin and removed some of the non-stick surface. It does not happen in all cases, by any means, but it is something to consider.



  • Choice of 8 bread making programs – including rapid bake settings for reducing the overall time taken to make your loaf by about 1 hour
  • Choice of 3 crust finishes – light, medium or dark
  • Up to 2 lb. loaf capacity – the Breadman BK1050S will bake a 1 lb., a 1 ½ lb. or a 2 lb. loaf of bread
  • Low-carb setting – adjusts the kneading, rising and baking to compensate for low carbohydrate ingredients
  • Gluten free setting – to make bread with gluten free ingredients
  • Jam program – for making fruit jams, marmalades and chutneys
  • Dough and artisan dough program – for when you want to finish the shaping and baking to your own requirements in a conventional oven
  • Bake only option – for baking pre-made dough
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser – will add any additional ingredients and the appropriate time automatically, so you don’t need to be there to do it manually
  • Collapsible mixing paddle – saves the need to remove the mixing paddle before baking or having to take it out of the baked loaf
  • 15 hour delay timer – this allows you to set the time that your loaf has finished baking by up to 15 hours
  • Automatic keep warm setting - after the bread has finished baking the Breadman BK1050S will automatically switch over to the keep warm setting for 60 minutes
  • 2 year limited Breadman warranty


The Breadman BK1050S can make a wide selection of bread type and produce some high quality loaves. It does seem though that Breadman has concentrated on packing as many features in to this machine rather than considering their worth. A collapsing measuring cup and adjustable measuring spoon that are included with the Breadman BK1050S would probably have been better left out and more time spent on improving the quality of the collapsing paddle.

The automatic fruit and nut dispenser is very useful but other features are not particularly well liked. 24% of the reviews for Breadman BK1050S rate the bread maker as only 1 star. The vast majority of the complaints are with regard to the collapsing mixing paddle scraping the bottom of the baking tin and scratching off the non-stick coating. That one feature should be removed until it can be re-designed and tested properly. It detracts from what the Breadman BK1050S does do well – make a selection of breads. Breadman does promise to replace the baking tin and paddle under their 2 year warranty but there seems to be a shortage or replacement parts.

For people who like Breadman bread makers, they will be surprised with the modest 3.5 stars out of 5. Although it should be added that 64% of users rate the Breadman BK1050S as either very good or good.

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