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Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker Review

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Who doesn’t love the taste of fresh bread? Most people love the opportunity to indulge in freshly prepared foods, but with so many demands on our time, it’s often difficult to make the time to bake your own bread at home.

Fortunately for many busy cooks, the solution to this dilemma is found in the form of the bread maker such as the Panasonic SD-YR2500 (see today's price). These small appliances make and bake fresh bread from scratch by mixing the ingredients, kneading the dough, and baking the bread for you – all in the same pan.

Perhaps you’ve seen ads for bread makers online or have seen a few models in your local big box store. You might have thought that it would be nice to own one of those, but have never taken the time to check out what they have to offer. Here are just a few of the benefits that owning a bread maker offers:

  • You can control the ingredients added to your bread. When you choose to bake your own bread, you are able to exercise total control over what ingredients are added to it. This is especially beneficial for those with food allergies or those who are gluten intolerant. You can also experiment with different ingredients, like nuts, dried fruit, or seeds.
  • There is a little or no mess to deal with. You’d be surprised at the number of people who admit that they avoid baking their own bread because they don’t want to have to clean up a mess in the kitchen. Because a bread maker mixes the ingredients and bakes the bread in one self-contained environment, there’s virtually no mess to clean up. Most modern bread makers feature dishwasher safe bread pans and kneading paddles, which make cleanup even easier.
  • You can save money. It’s not uncommon for specialty breads (like gluten free bread) to cost $5 to $6 a loaf. If you have dietary restrictions, the cost can add up quickly. If you buy your baking ingredients in bulk, your bread maker can pay for its initial cost within a matter of months. Although the purchase price of a bread maker might seem like a lot at first, it becomes more palatable when you think about all the other things (besides bread) that it can used to make, like dough for pizza or rolls or even jam.

These benefits, coupled with the delicious and irresistible taste of fresh bread, has led to an explosion in the popularity of bread makers. The Panasonic SD-YR2500 was designed specifically for those who want to enjoy fresh baked bread with the simple push of a button. It can make a wide variety of different types of bread, including whole wheat and multigrain, as well as dough for rolls, pizza, pasta, tea cakes, and croissants.


It is impossible to fully appreciate the Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker until youactually hold it in your hands. It weighs in at a solid 17 pounds, and its bulk and heft are the hallmarks of Japanese quality. Baking bread with this bread maker is a simple process. All you do is add your ingredients, choose the desired baking cycle, and press the start button. What is unique about this appliance is that it has “smart” dispensers that will automatically release yeast and other ingredients (like fruit or nuts) when the time is right.

One of the most underappreciated features of the Panasonic SD-YR2500 is that it waits for the ingredients to reach the correct temperature before it adds them to the dough. This means that you can take your yeast out of the fridge and add it directly to the bread maker without having to wait for it to come to room temperature first. This is a very handy feature to have.

Like most other comparable models, this Panasonic bread maker has a 13-hour preset timer, so you can decide when you want it to start the baking cycle. You can bake your bread during the day so it is ready for dinner or choose to bake your bread overnight to have with breakfast the next morning. This model boasts smart sensors on the inside and outside of the machine that continually monitor baking and room temperatures to optimize its performance and ensure that the bread’s texture and quality is uniform.

This bread maker is a bit on the tall side, so loaves of bread will be slightly oblong; however, the results look like the bread was made by a professional. Each time we have used the machine, the crust color has come out even all around. The SD-YR2500 wins points for its whisper quiet operation. There is no shrieking or banging or whirring here. The only downside to its menu offerings is that it only offers two loaf sizes: medium or extra-large. This would make this machine ideal for large groups of people or bigger families, but a single person or couple might want to consider other options.

Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker with Gluten Free Mode and Yeast / Raisin / Nut Dispenser, Black
56 Reviews
Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker with Gluten Free Mode and Yeast / Raisin / Nut Dispenser, Black
  • Enjoy freshly baked bread with the push of a button
  • Smart dispensers automatically release and distribute yeast, raisins and nuts
  • Healthy gluten free mode, eight menu buttons, automatic 13-hour timer
  • Choose medium or extra-large loaf size, light or dark crust settings



  • Eight preset baking modes – This includes for preprogrammed settings for making gluten free bread, basic bread, French bread, and raisin bread, as well as dough settings for gluten free pasta, gluten free pizza, rolls, and croissants.
  • 13-hour delay timer – The 13-hour preset timer allows you to decide when you want your bread to bake.
  • LCD screen
  • Smart easy touch pad controls
  • Two loaf sizes – The two options are medium and extra-large – ideal for bigger families.
  • 3 crust settings – The three crust settings allow you to choose from light, medium, and dark crusts.
  • Smart sensors – These smart sensors measure the internal and external temperatures of the bread maker and adjust the baking process accordingly.
  • Smart dispensers – These dispensers automatically release and distribute yeast, nuts, and raisins when the time is right.


The Panasonic YR-SD2500 Bread Maker is an impressive appliance. It offers the ideal blend of cutting edge technology and classic design. It streamlines the baking process, and the even color, smooth consistency, and consistent texture are on par with anything you would be able to buy in a store or bakery. This bread maker has fared well in both professional and consumer-written reviews, and it would be a wonderful asset to have in any kitchen.

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