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Best Kids Ice Cream Maker Reviews

One of the joys you can have in the kitchen is teaching your kids simple cooking skills. Use your best judgement and sensible caution – not every kid is meant to be on a reality TV show featuring tiny tots wielding huge knives. A kids ice cream maker is an excellent way to get your children started. Teaching children how to make snacks and treats is fun, to encourage socialization and healthy habits. It’s simply exciting to see how homemade ice cream is made! You can share family stories about making ice cream or other cooking tales with your own parents or grandparents when you were small.

Ice cream makers for kids may actually make you a bit jealous you aren’t little now, because they are tons of fun! Not only do they make ice cream, but there are a variety of them so you can make ice cream in different ways. What’s terrific about this is you aren’t just getting a kids ice cream maker to create a treat but you’re passing down how you as a family like to do things.

Let’s take a look at ice cream makers for kids, with special input from our kids panel and a few words of advice from Moms and grandparents as well!

NameAgesOur RatingPrice
Adimoldo BEST Ice Cream Maker For KidsAll4.6See Today's Price
Ice Cream Magic3+4.3See Today's Price
Disney DFR-14 Frozen Ice Cream Maker6+4.1See Today's Price
Nostalgia Electrics MTC100 Mix 'N Twist6+3.2See Today's Price
Cra-Z-Art The Real Ice Cream Maker Kit4+3.1See Today's Price

Adimoldo BEST Ice Cream Maker for Kids

Manufacturer: ADIMOLDO

Let kids get it on the fun & make their own frozen treats! Moms, parents & grandparents will appreciate that these molds are 100% BPA free and non-toxic. Kids will be thrilled to discover they can create homemade ice cream, just the way Mom and Dad can.

Our younger kid reviewers gravitated to these right away. Perhaps it was the bright colors. But part of it is also just how simple these are to use, kids can “push” the ice cream or frozen treat up as they eat it. You pour it in, seal the mold and soon everyone has homemade desserts.

This ice cream maker for kids is an excellent way to introduce your children to making simple foods in the kitchen, starting with something that they especially like, which is a terrific reward and to also see those results. The younger reviewers also had big smiles when they realized that these molds were easy to take on-the-go, so a frozen treat could be taken to the park, after school or another activity.

Moms and adults will be very happy to discover that they do not leak and are quite sturdy. The ADIMOLDO’s hold up to a toddler’s attention and admiration, something that we all know not every object created for them certainly is able to do.

Ice Cream Magic

Manufacturer: Idea Village

This is an ice cream machine that is going to make ice cream fans – big and little – smile wide, from ear to ear. If you are a parent or grandparent, what you’ll appreciate most about this gadget from Idea Village is that it is a “teaching tool,” using the old fashioned way to make ice cream from long ago. So it uses ice, water and salt – and then you add any flavor that you like. The steps are simple so there is little worry about kids getting frustrated or feeling impatient about it not working. Just like with any machine, you have the ability to customize your recipe, to use organic ingredients or ones your child will especially like, so it is ideal to tempt that picky eater or reward a child who simply deserves a special treat.

Our kid reviewing panel found making the ice cream a lot of fun, not simply eating it! If you’ve had an old fashioned crank machine in your house, then you know these classic ingredients to make ice cream. The kids loved shaking the gadget again and again to turn it into a frozen treat. This is ideal for younger and older kids, especially if you want to encourage them to think of how something is made and even if you want them to be active or if they are the type of kids who always have that extra energy so you are looking for fun things for them to do.

Cra-Z-Art The Real Ice Cream Maker Kit

Manufacturer: Cra-Z-Art

What amazed Moms and parents about this ice cream gadget was the ability to make 2 ice cream flavors at once. So this is the perfect choice if you have 2 or several children and you’re looking for that machine to please everyone. After all, if your kids are making ice cream that doesn’t mean they all agree on which flavor is the best! It’s like having an ice cream parlor – complete with the options – right at your child’s fingertips. Its speedy too, ice cream is made in about 10 minutes, so it is ideal to share with siblings and friends.

Our kid panel especially liked the style of the Cra-Z-Art gadget, which looked different from some of the other machines we’ve looked at. You could see the ice cream come down, into the dish which was very exciting. Our little ice cream makers were thrilled with the ability to make not only 1 type of ice cream but to create 2 types! So many of us enjoy a double scoop cone at the ice cream parlor, this is a classic treat. But it also avoided quite a few squabbles over what to make first or what to make at all. With this machine you could make ice cream quickly, there is no worry about waiting a long time, not like with the hand crank machines where patience is a true virtue.

Disney DFR-14 Frozen Ice Cream Maker For Kids

Manufacturer: Disney

Moms and parents were glad to see a generous amount of ice cream could be made with this machine – up to 1.5 quarts. The gadget is super user friendly, ideal for kids so most can be dipping their spoons into a frozen treat within about half an hour. And after all, who doesn’t love Elsa & Frozen, they’re perfect for ice cream!

Our kid panel was glad to see this ice cream gadget. It works without added materials (no rock salt needed) so your kids can just get started in on the fun. Younger to mid age kids will need supervision as this is an electrical appliance, use your best judgement.

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