Abby Sher



Panasonic is one of the United States most well-known kitchen appliance brands. Much like many other bread machines brands, Panasonic was founded in Japan, and has grown to become one of the largest and most successful consumer electronic manufacturers. In the bread machine arena, Panasonic’s main rivals include Breadman, Cuisinart and Zojirushi. Based on their 2012 market share, it is to be noted that Panasonic was the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of electronic devices. In context, that secures Panasonic as the world’s second largest manufacturer of bread machines and bread makers.

In our independent studies, we found that Panasonic bread machines boast an unrivaled level of quality and expertise. Each bread machine boasts technology that is unheard of – and Panasonic often lead the way when it comes to revolutionizing the bread machine industry. Our Panasonic bread machine reviews will help you to determine what bread maker is the best for you, based on price, our score and the features of each appliance. Searching for a new appliance can be difficult – but we aim to simplify this process by clearly listing the advantages, disadvantages and best features in an easy-to-read format for you.