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How to Make Frozen Yogurt


You may have often bought frozen yogurt and enjoyed the exquisite taste and flavor it comes with. You won’t be sure, however, how this scrumptious frozen treat is actually made. You may wonder what kind of machine is needed to whip up frozen yogurt, and how complex or easy the process of making this dessert actually is.

While there are no ideal answers or recipes, remember that the basic procedure or recipe to make frozen yogurt is quite the same the world over. The same set of ingredients are mixed in the same proportions to get that creamy mixture which comes in many flavors and is loved by most people who’ve ever come across it.

So let’s look at the step-by-step process for making frozen yogurt, or the skinnier cousin of ice cream, as some like to call it.

The Ingredients

  • 1l whole-milk plain yogurt, chilled
  • 100g unrefined caster sugar
  • 100g white caster sugar
  • 1/4 tsp fine salt
  • 1 lemon (optional)

(Note: These quantities are for making 1 liter of frozen yogurt – just over 2 US pints)

The Process

Mix the plain yogurt with the sugars and salt, and whisk the mixture well. Check to see if the sugars and salt have properly dissolved. The test to do that is to take a bit of the mixture in your mouth; if you don’t feel any grains on your tongue that means you’ve got it right. Next, add a little lemon juice, but only if you like some tang in your frozen yogurt. The mixture should taste a little tangier and sweeter than you eventually want your yogurt to be, since freezing negates the flavors to some extent. Now put this perfectly-mixed concoction in the fridge for about an hour.

Ice Cream Maker method

While the mixture is cooling down, chill your ice cream maker (if pre-freezing is needed, make sure you do it well in time as most freezer bowls require around 15 to 24 hours of freezing before use). Churn the yogurt in the ice cream maker until it becomes a consistency that can easily be scooped out. If you like your yogurt somewhat harder, put the bowl in the freezer. The really great thing about this method is that it freezes the yogurt mixture fast – in just about 20-25 minutes.

Still Freezing method

If you’re not using an ice cream maker, the alternative is to transfer the chilled mix into a shallow box and cover it with a lid. Put the box in the freezer and keep it there for about an hour to hour and a half, by which time it will begin to solidify. Now beat this semi-solid mix with a fork, or whisk it, thus breaking up the solid pieces. The next step is to refreeze the mix. This procedure needs to be repeated two more times, after which you should keep it in the freezer for about an hour. Your yogurt is now ready to be served. You can also allow it a few minutes to soften after removing it from the freezer before you take it to the table.

Actually, you can do the still freezing in different ways, without all that manual effort. One is to use a mixer, where you need to pour the prepared ingredients into a metal mixer bowl, cover it with a foil or plastic wrap, and freeze it for around two hours, till the edges become firm with the centre remaining semi-soft. Now beat with an electric mixer till it becomes soft, before refreezing and repeat the process.

Alternatively, you can use a food processor, wherein you’ll need to pour the ingredients into a baking pan, cover it with foil or plastic wrap and freeze it for a couple of hours until it becomes solid. After breaking the frozen mixture, put the pieces into the food processor, allowing it to become soft. Put it back in the freezer and repeat the procedure 1-2 times, as required.

Remember, frozen yogurt made without an ice cream maker (using the still freezing method as it’s called) may be somewhat different in texture and quantity than that made in an ice cream maker. The reason for this is the scale and intensity of mixing; the ice cream maker ensures continuous mixing of the ingredients unlike the still freezing method.

Enhancing the flavor

What we’ve shared here is the basic recipe for making frozen yogurt. But that’s a far cry from the glorious varieties of yogurt you get out there in the market. It’s all about the ingredients you use. Adding fruits, nuts and sweet delights such as cookies or chocolate chips can take your frozen yogurt to a whole new level of culinary pleasure.

So if you’re using an ice cream maker, be sure to mix the add-ons at the end, when the yogurt mixture is almost or already frozen.

When making frozen yogurt without an ice cream maker, you can stir or fold in all your nuts and fruits etc. after the last beating.

The sheer variety of flavors you can whip up in frozen yogurt is amazing. Now you can enjoy peach frozen yogurt, banana frozen yogurt, berry frozen yogurt, nutty frozen yogurt, and much more, without spending a lot to buy it instead.

Tips to make it taste better

  • Use fat-free yogurt and light condensed milk for an icier finish
  • Use double cream for an extra-rich and creamy texture
  • Add more sugar to make the yogurt creamier and less sour
  • Chilling the yogurt base before churning makes the final texture smoother

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