Abby Sher



T-fal USA was founded by Marc Gregoire in 1954. After the success they experienced following the invention of the world’s first cordless iron, the company quickly moved into the design and production of cooking appliances.

T-fal was one of North America’s first producers of nonstick cookware, and it wasn’t long before this revolutionary new method of cooking had taken the public by storm. T-fal quickly became a brand and business that relentlessly pursued innovation in a never-ending quest to positively change the lives of their users.

Today, T-fal’s cooking appliances and other product lines can be found all over the world, and their bread makers in particular have fared extremely well with consumers. As a corporation, T-fal believes that consumers should be allowed to exercise the ultimate control over their recipes and the ingredients they cook with. From nutritious breakfast foods to delicious desserts, T-fal bread makers offer an excellent alternative to expensive, calorie laden store bought food items. T-fal even offers gluten free bread makers that are designed specifically for clients with gluten sensitivities.