Abby Sher



Zojirushi has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances. As a Japanese based multinational manufacturer, Zojirushi has successfully managed to capture a large portion of the American market. While they specialize in appliances such as rice cookers, electric water boilers and electric kettles, Zojirushi have recently emerged as a leading bread machine manufacturer.

Established in 1918 by two brothers, Zojirushi has consistently been praised for their high-quality bread machines. In our independent studies, we found that Zojirushi bread makers often rate far above their competitors in terms of cooking times, cooking quality and reliability. However, Zojirushi are also one of the more expensive bread machine brands on the market currently – but this is offset by the superior build quality.

We believe that Zojirushi have effectively captured the market successfully, and we know and believe that Zojirushi is leading the way for other brands. When you decide to read our Zojirushi bread maker reviews, you’ll quickly learn just how advanced these bread machines are. Some of the most renown features include:

  • Battery Operated Clocks – Giving you complete peace and mind knowing the bread turns out delicious every time.
  • Homemade Settings – True homemade bread is delivered time and time again.
  • Quick Bake Setting – Need a loaf of bread delivered in an hour? Zojirushi bread machines can help!

Our Zojirushi Bread Machine Reviews give you the lowdown on the best Zojirushi bread makers currently available. We have independently reviewed multiple models and provided a comprehensive and unbiased side-by-side comparison – enabling you to find and choose the best bread maker for your needs.